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Matt Ferry

"On our 1000-cow dairy, we swear by J&L Hoof Gel! At first, we were wrapping feet with terramycin until we found J&L. We made the switch and never looked back! Our herd had great luck with this product. J&L Hoof Gel stays on longer, heals faster, and works amazing. We recommend all J&L products to any and every farmer we speak to!

Joe Kavanagh

"I had a great experience with J&L Hoof Gel. I went to a Jersey farm to work on 10 cows with sore feet. There were seven cows with Hairy Warts, two cows with White Line Separation and a sole abscess in the same toe. This was on a Saturday, and on Monday I went to see how J&L Hoof Gel worked. I worked on these cows, went back and took the bandages off Monday to see how it worked. In 48 years of Hoof Trimming I never saw anything work this good and work this fast. They all healed up nicely and to my surprise the cow that had White Line Separation disease plus a Sole Ulcer, was completely healed up! I recommend this product to all Hoof Trimmers and Dairymen alike! Sincerely, Joe Kavanagh."

Joseph Parreira

"Before J&L Hoof Gel we had a terrible wart problem. Nothing seemed to be able to get it under control, but now the cows have never looked better. It's easy to apply and works great. J&L Hoof Gel just got a lifetime customer, thanks guys."

Nancy Callsen

"I have been in the sheep and beef cattle business for over 50 years. This product is the best on the market to treat  both cattle and sheep hoof problems. I like being able to use and not always have to to wrap the hoof. I have recommended this product to other sheep breeders and they can't say enough good things about using it on sheep. I have also recommended this product to both meat and dairy goat breeders that I know through the industry and they have also found that it works great on goat hooves. As far as I believe this is the best hoof treatment product on the market today.

Stanton Ramer

"I purchased a bucket from J&L hoof gel just to try it and we love it! The cows don't kick as bad as it seems to not be as abrasive but at the same time when you are off wraps 2 days later the wart is gone. They have a customer for life! Thanks guys!
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