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J&L Hoof Gel is a non-antibiotic gel that treats Digital Dermatitis, along with curing warts and abscesses in live stock's hooves. 

  • No antibiotic resistance will occur from this product

  • Air and water proof, works in adverse conditions  ​​

  • Adheres to the infected area​​

  • Available in 1 Gallon Buckets

$115.00 USD Per Gallon 

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J&L Hoof Gel's Organic medicine that works just as effective as the original non-antibiotic medicine!

  • Heals digital dermatitis, abscesses, as well as helping in the healing process of foot-rot

  • Both air and water proof, allowing the medicine to work in adverse conditions

  • Natural healant

  • Adheres to infected area

  • Available in one gallon bucket

$150.00 USD Per Gallon

Directions for use of gels

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All Videos

Large Quantity Discounts Available

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$80.00 USD per gallon

$255.00 USD per 5 gallons

55 gallons call for quote

275 gallons call for quote

Directions for use of spray

If possible, clean the infected area making sure the manure is removed from the claw and the infected space.

Option #1 Without Non-Antibiotic J&L Hoof Gel

1. Spray infected area twice a day for 3-4 days (no need to wrap)


Option #2 With Non-Antibiotic J&L Hoof Gel (recommended)

1. Apply J&L Hoof Spray to the infected area and wrap with hoof gel.

2. The wrap will need to be removed 3-4 days after application. 

Cows can still use foot baths while spray, gel, and wrap are applied.

Option #3 Use as a preventative

CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes. Do not consume. Keep out of reach of children. This product is designed specifically for the use of healing warts, abscesses, and foot rot on animals. Contains copper which can be corrosive to metal.


  • No antibiotic resistance will occur from J&L Hoof Gel and Spray

  • Strong adhesion to the hoof for better coverage (Gel)

  • Soaks into infected area for better healing (Spray)

  • Safe for the user and the environment

  • Non-intrusive to healthy tissue and hooves of cows

Treated Hooves

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